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At the end of every year, we’ll allocate part of our revenues to an organization, either local or not, deserving a hand.

You can be updated and follow our charity initiatives in this section of our website and on our Facebook and Instagram profiles.

 DECEMBER 2018 Donation to the “Fondazione San Bortolo” of Vicenza.

 JUNE 2019 Donation of our trunks to “CAF Onlus”‘s charity lucky dip, in Milan.

NOVEMBER 2019 Donation to “LOVE Onlus” of Riva del Garda (TN) for the “Duri i Banchi” initiative in partnership with “”, following Venice flood.

DECEMBER 2019 Donation of our trunks to “Pangea Onlus”‘s Pangea Bazar, in Milan.

DECEMBER 2020 Donation of our trunks to “Pangea Onlus”‘s Pangea Bazar, in Milan.

JANUARY 2021 Donation to Regione Veneto for the Covid-19 emergency.

DECEMBER 2021 Donation to “Vicenza for Children” association.

DECEMBER 2021 Donation to “Difesa Natura 2000 Colli Berici” association.



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