Golden pagodas standing out in the sky, Buddhas of every dimension staring at you, swarming streets of smells and colors, slim and tall palms decorating white beaches and turquoise waters, a lush and multi-colored nature, a rich and centuries-old culture which reflects in his people’s attitude, in his variegated cuisine and in the splendour of his temples.

Siam. Ancient and unique land, remote and proud, spiritual and charming. The unique country in the South-Eastern Asia that has never been colonised.

From the decorations of some of his holiest temples, true art masterpieces crafted throughout centuries, we took inspiration to give birth to swim shorts capable to blow your mind and that you can’t get enough of.

Classic cut and care to details to enhance every garment with.
Cozy, soft to the touch and quick-drying fabrics.
Made in every single phase in Italy.

Hand-finished and numbered

Mustang Green

Oxus Burgundy

Shangri La Black

Mustang Red

Oxus Yellow

Shangri La Blue

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