Swimwear | Costumi Gandhara

Classic cut and care to details to enhance every garment with.
Cozy, soft to the touch and quick-drying fabrics.
Made in every single phase in Italy.
Hand-finished and numbered.

Moyen Age

Fleur De Lis

Fleur de Lis

Petit Croix

Petit Croix

New Sacre Cœur

Sacre Coeur

New Charlemagne


New Valois Giallo

Valois Yellow

Valois Verde Back

Valois Green


Shangri La Blu

Shangri La Blue

In offerta! Shangri La Nero

Shangri La Black

In offerta! Mustang Rosso

Mustang Red

In offerta! Mustang Verde

Mustang Green

Oxus Granato

Oxus Burgundy

Oxus Giallo

Oxus Yellow

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