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Gandhara pursues a production philosophy which could be summed up this way: few, but good. Or, alternatively, quality over quantity.

In other words, we do prefer create less garments aiming to a higher quality, rather than cranking out a lot and inferior. This because we pursue a philosophy which stands in as an example for our lifestyle; too much often inclinate for a consumerism excess.

Indeed, we think it is virtuous to buy less; and when we buy, trying to buy quality products. In every field. That’s why we struggle to make our garments unique garments; numbered and limited.

In this section of our website you’ll be able to oversee how many garments we produce every year; given a further meaning to the number, always hand-written, you will find on the label of your Gandhara trunk



2019 Traded pieces
Oxus Yellow 40
Oxus Burgundy 40
Shangri La Blue 60
Shangri La Black 40
Mustang Green 50
Mustang Red 50



2020 Traded pieces
Oxus Yellow 50
Oxus Burgundy 45
Shangri La Blue 50
Shangri La Black 35
Mustang Green 40
Mustang Red 45


2020 Traded pieces
Fleur de Lis 40
Petit Croix 50
Valois Green 60


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