Sustainability | Costumi Gandhara


There’s no need to be catastrophistic or to exagerate, when we talk about environment.

What really matters is striving to use resources at its best, in order to respect the world where we are just guests. Especially in fashion, one of the most polluting and impacting industries.

For Gandhara, it goes through the choice of using materials which embrace this simple, yet fundamental philosophy. In the field of synthetic fabrics, fundamental to realize fine swim shorts, thanks to progress and technology today we can have a fantastic outcome with fabrics deriving from recycling and regeneration. That’s why starting last summer, and from now on, we’re going to use for our swim-shorts only eco-friendly fabrics – nylon and polyester – deriving from recycling processes.

So that also at Gandhara we can do our part to safeguard our planet’s resources and stimulate a circular-economy based on re-use and waste-fight. The latter, eternal enemy of economy, environment and wisdom.

Will you join us in this exciting challenge?

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