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Our Values

Living in a time marked by a surplus of low-cost products with shady origins, outcome of an excessive and futile consumerism, we’ve decide to undertake a different road.


  • We’ve chosen to craft our garments in Italy, in every phase. We do believe it is not fair to relocate abroad our fashion industry: Italian manufacturing is a priceless jewel which we are committed to safeguard, promote and hand down to future generations; as it has been made to us.
  • Neither child or person have been exploited in producing our garments; on the contrary, all professionals who contributed to realize Gandhara trunks have worked in suitable conditions and earning a reasonable payment. This way, we do promote the best kind of work in Italy: clean, professional and fairly rewarded. We show, by facts, that this must be the way to produce, either in our country and abroad.
  • Small and medium companies are the backbone of Italian economy; they drive export and guarantee thousands of families’ wealth: when we defend our small-medium industry, we care about the community we are part of.
  • We think that some garments are built to last, that’s why we use top quality materials and are inspired by patterns that you will never have enough of. One true, beautiful garment never gets old, so do art masterpieces. We do believe it is wise buying less and better. We tackle consumerism based on numbers instead of equity and quality.
  • We believe in marketing yet not in the pushy one: we won’t ask you opinions or filling in surveys; besides, we’ll never send you newsletters. We’ll just try to do our best complying the reason because we started this adventure: delighting, through marvellous garments, the aesthetic sense of who is able to appreciate beautiful things.
  • We think internet is a digital part of reality, yet it ain’t to be considered as a synonym of low prices. It is also for this reason, besides caring of retail distribution, that we’ll never do online discounts. We do believe the web is a useful and fascinating universe, but real shops must continue to exist because of their social, economical and aesthetic utility. With Gandhara, they won’t be harmed by online low prices.
  • Retail price – except for decision of the single retailer – will always be the same as the online one. And as frank recognition of our higher online mark up, we’ll provide our online customers services, rather than discounts.
  • We do believe in tangibly helping people, animals and institutions who are in need of. First of all because it is fair; and because we think that whoever make good actions, will receive them back. Every Gandhara collection will be marked out by a charity project.
  • Most of all, we do believe in beauty research, whether it is the outcome of man or nature. And getting inspired by the beauty around us, we aim to create unique garments which spark emotions in whoever look at them. And wear them.
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