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Trunks care

Among Gandhara trunks, “Shangri La”, “Mustang”, “Fleur de Lis”, “Petit Croix” and “Sacre Coeur” models are extremely precious and delicate.

The shining effect created on fabrics, is the outcome of long and complex print and engraving processes: on the previously painted fabric, where patterns have been printed with a roller, gold and silver colors are first passed, and then fixed.

In order to make this effect last as long as possible, it is essential that you follow some rules when washing them:

1) wash in 30° water or by hand, using delicate detergents
2) do not rub
3) do not soak
4) iron just on the reverse side and always placing a rag between iron and trunk, without steam

Mind your trunks also when seated on leather (genuine/eco) objects and when on the rocks.

Last but not least, be also aware that chlorine and salt are two powerful disinfectants: you do not need to wash your trunks too much! Yet it is fundamental to rinse them with fresh water after bathing in the sea and in the swimming pool.

Same care has to be observed for the t-shirts featuring Shangri La and Fleur de Lis fabrics.

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