Inspiration | Costumi Gandhara


Gandhara – an ancient kingdom in Central Asia prospered more than 1000 years before Christ, and then conquered by Alexander the Great’s armies, throughout his Asian campaign – left to the world, as its heritage, a unique artistic style: the art of Gandhara, indeed. In which Indian and Persian elements mixed up with the unique features of Greek and Hellenistic art.

An ancient, uncommon yet sublime fusion of some of the most important civilizations in the human history along the Silk Road; in a crossing point of ancient caravan routes, where different peoples and religions coexisted in harmony for centuries.

Gandhara is for us a symbol of union, of a fine blend among different skills and styles; specifically, creating in Italy garments inspired by art masterpieces coming from far away lands.

Respecting this fitting blend between East and West, among different styles and skills, our first collection – developed and entirely crafted in Italy – pays homage to the ancient kingdom of Siam, the current Thailand.

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